SEO Company in Hudson WI | How Often You Should Write Blogs for Your Website?

  • August 31, 2022
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SEO Company in Hudson WI

SEO Company in Hudson WI | How Often You Should Write Blogs for Your Website?

If you’ve decided to create a blog for your business website, you might be wondering how often you should post. While there isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, we have some guidelines that will help you determine the best frequency for your business. SEO Company in Hudson WI

Too little, too often

If you publish too little content, the user experience is likely to suffer. If your site has no information, it’s not going to be useful for anyone. Similarly, if you publish a new blog post every day or every other day with only minimal changes from one entry to another, people will start finding it difficult to differentiate between them and probably won’t feel compelled to return for more reading—especially if they don’t feel like there is any value in doing so.

How often should you post? SEO Company in Hudson WI

How often you post on your blog and website is a question that’s often asked but rarely answered in a satisfactory manner. There are two main reasons for this: 1) it’s a difficult question to answer and 2) there are many different factors that contribute to determining how often you should be posting.

First, let’s talk about the first reason why it can be difficult to determine the ideal posting schedule for your business. The truth is, there is no set “frequency” that works best for all businesses in every industry at all times. In fact, what works best for one company might not work as well as another company in another industry because each business has its own unique audience and goals (more on this later). So what does this mean? It means that there really isn’t any magic formula for determining how often your business should be blogging—you’ll just have to experiment with what feels right based on the above factors we’ve discussed so far (i.e., who you’re trying reach out too).

How much time should you spend writing each post?

How much time you should spend writing each post depends on how much research you do and how much editing you do.

When it comes to the actual writing of the blog post, I like to spend at least two hours on each one. This is a little more than most people are willing or able to give, but when I was starting out in blogging, I had no problem doing this because I didn’t have any other responsibilities (e.g., job). It’s definitely possible that if your life was very busy and stressful, then an hour or even half an hour would be sufficient for your first few posts. But as soon as you get some experience under your belt and start building up some momentum with readership, then try increasing the amount of time that each post requires from yourself until eventually it becomes second nature for you.

If there’s no way for me not to rush through something when I’m working on a deadline or something urgent comes up – like getting ready for bedtime or making breakfast in the morning – then sometimes it helps if someone else can look over what they’ve written before they hit “publish.” Either way though: Don’t ever feel bad about taking breaks! It happens sometimes! And more often than not—these days at least—I find myself needing them anyway since my brain needs rest too…and since there are always new ideas coming into my head while lying down afterward;)

What are the benefits of blogging with a business website?

There are several benefits of blogging with your business website, including:

  • The opportunity to develop a relationship with your audience: Blogging helps you connect with your customers on a more personal level by sharing industry insights and best practices. This can be especially helpful if you’re an ecommerce store that sells products in more than one country or language, as it allows you to reach out to an international audience.
  • The chance to build trust: By sharing information about your company and its products/services, potential customers will feel more comfortable working with you. By providing helpful tips and advice on how they can use these things in their daily lives, bloggers can show off their expertise in their field of study—which will also help them rank well in search engines such as Google!
  • A boost in traffic (and therefore sales): If people are looking up information about something that interests them on Google or Bing (the two biggest search engines), then chances are they’ll click through whatever link appears at the top of those results pages–and that could mean big bucks for any companies whose websites appear there! This happens because people like knowing what others think before making purchases themselves; according to statistics from AdAge magazine’s 2010 survey titled How Americans Use Social Media To Make Purchasing Decisions At Home Or Workplace Based On Their Recommendations…

Google search SEO Company in Hudson WI

To rank for a keyword, you’ll need to optimize your site with keyword-rich content. This means including your target keyword in:

  • The title tag of your page ( )
  • The keywords Meta Tag (META KEYWORDS)
  • The text that surrounds the image and ALT attribute (TITLE)

For example, if you’re targeting “best hair straightener” as a keyword, all of the following should be optimized:

Best Hair Straightener

Best Hair Straightener.

Targeting customers and improving organic rank

If you want to improve your organic rank, then you need to use keywords. The more keywords in the post, the higher will be your ranking on Google and other search engines. You can also use location targeting if you want people from a particular place to see your blog posts. If a customer is visiting from a remote area and looking for something which is not available nearby, then he/she may visit your site if it has that particular product or service listed on it.

Blog posts are great tools for attracting customers as well as improving organic rank!

Brand building and customer relationships SEO Company in Hudson WI

  • Brand building and customer relationships. Most people think of blogging as an effective way to connect with their customers, but it also serves another purpose: it helps you build your brand. In fact, this is one of the components of a successful online marketing strategy that incorporates social media and content marketing. Your blog allows you to share your expertise and create visibility for your business in a variety of ways, including:
  • Blogs allow you to establish yourself as an expert in your field by providing valuable information about products or services that aren’t readily available elsewhere on the internet. Customers trust brands that provide value-added content because they know the company is putting time and effort into creating useful content rather than just trying to sell them something (which is what most businesses do).
  • Blogging builds community around your brand while encouraging customers who have similar interests or problems can come together on social media sites like Facebook groups where they can discuss ideas related to topics covered in blogs written by others within the community—and perhaps even contribute their own thoughts! This helps solidify relationships between consumers because they feel more connected with one another through shared experiences…

Takeaway – Use every opportunity to create your own content and add value to your brand.

  • Write Frequently

What better way to increase your visibility? You can’t be everywhere at once, but you can always be creating content that is valuable to potential or existing customers. This will help you build trust with them, and increase the likelihood they’ll come back again, which leads us to our next point…

The best blogs are those that provide value for the reader. That doesn’t mean writing about fancy flowers or how much you love puppies (unless, of course, that’s what your website specializes in). Instead, write about things related to what you do—things that will help people with their problems and issues—and make sure it’s easy for readers to find what they need!


The value of blogging is not just in the creation of content, but also how you use that content to build your brand, grow your audience and explore new opportunities. Writing a blog post every day can be a lot of work, but it’s worth it if you want to see results. It may seem like too much at first glance, but if you spend some time planning out what topics to write about or how often they should be published on your website then these tasks will become second nature over time – just like any other job! Your local SEO company near Hudson WI is Portkey SEO Solutions. We can help with your website design and then help boost your ranking on Google by writing regular blogs for your website. Contact us today!

SEO Company in Hudson WI

SEO Company in Hudson WI

SEO Company in Hudson WI

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