SEO services in Crystal MN | What is Backlink Diversity

  • October 26, 2022
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SEO services in Crystal MN

SEO services in Crystal MN | What is Backlink Diversity

In the world of SEO, “backlinks” are the websites that link back to your website. They’re an important search engine ranking signal, and they can help you build your reputation as an expert in your industry. But how do you get more backlinks? The answer is: by diversifying them! Not only is this good for your rankings, but it’s also good for user engagement since visitors have more options to explore when they come to one of your links from another site. SEO services in Crystal MN

Backlink Diversity

The term “backlink diversity” is used to describe the concept of having a variety of different websites link back to your content. This is very important because it helps search engines understand that your website is authoritative and relevant, which ultimately leads to better rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

The best way to achieve backlink diversity is by creating quality content on your site, but also getting it published on other sites where you don’t control the content or even have an account. If you’re able to do this successfully then you should see an increase in organic traffic from Google over time as well as higher rankings for certain keywords relevant to your industry/niche because users will be more likely to click through when they see that other reputable websites have linked back instead of just one source such as yours alone.

Search Engines Look at Links to Your Website as Endorsements

Search engines like Google look at links to your website as endorsements, and the more diverse those links are, the more credibility you’ll have with search engines. Search engines like Google are trying to determine the importance of your website, and they do that by looking at the links that point to it. The more diverse those links are, the better!

This helps explain why we don’t just want one or two websites linking to our site in their articles. Instead, we want many different types of authoritative websites with high domain authority linking back to us across a wide variety of topics. This can help us build backlink diversity on our site and gives us a higher chance of getting our sites ranked higher by search engines as a result.

Links From Reputable Websites in Your Industry

Backlink diversity is the number of different domains that link to your website.

Links from reputable websites in your industry — such as research institutions or news organizations — will count toward backlink diversity. These links are more likely to be considered relevant because they come from websites that have high authority and are related to your website’s topic.

Links from websites of different types and sizes will also count toward backlink diversity. Diversity can be a good indicator that your website has been featured on many different types of sites, which means it is relevant to many people.

Links From Social Media Posts Will Also Help

Beyond that, links from social media posts and other website pages will also help you. These can be a great way to get your link out there, as they’re easy to get and maintain. Additionally, they’ll allow you to reach a new audience by linking back to your site on Facebook or Twitter—and in turn, if those people share your content with their friends, it could lead you down the road toward getting more backlinks!

Social media sites are also excellent places to post content that will help you build your brand. Whether it’s a video or blog post, posting something informative and useful can help you expand your reach and build your audience. The more people know about you, the more likely they are to link back to your site in the future! A local digital marketing company can help with SEO services in Crystal Minnesota. Portkey SEO Solutions is your trusted SEO company that would love to help with all your marketing needs! 

Diverse Anchor Text SEO services in Crystal MN

Having diverse anchor text — the text used by the link — will also help you achieve a wide range of backlinks. When it comes to anchor texts, you want to make sure that they’re relevant to your content and aren’t too spammy.

For example, if you are writing about a specific product or service, use terms like “buy,” “purchase,” or “discount.” If you’re writing about content marketing strategies, use phrases like “how to” and “top five.” And if your article is about SEO tips for small businesses? Consider using keyword phrases related directly to small business SEO strategy such as “SEO for restaurants” or even just simple phrases like “local search engine optimization.”

In most cases, having no more than two links with identical anchor texts on any given page will be enough diversity for most websites’ needs (you can always add more links later). This ensures that every time someone clicks through one of these links they’ll see something different in their SERP results—which means they’ll spend more time exploring all of your site’s pages rather than just looking at one particular piece of content over and over again! 

Write Content with Search Engine Optimization in Mind

One way to produce good anchor text is to write your content with search engine optimization in mind. This means using the keywords you want to rank for in your body copy, but it also means that each link should have its own unique and relevant anchor text.

If you have multiple links within the same article, they should all point to the same resource. You can use a variety of keywords as long as they’re all related to one another or related to what you’re writing about—for example, “malevolent world of spider” matched with “spider’s web” and “spider’s lair” would be fine since all three refer back to this particular topic or thing that we’re discussing here today: spiders! However if instead, I were writing about something unrelated such as how much I love my dog then maybe this wouldn’t work so well since those terms are not directly related. Instead maybe something like “paw prints on my heart” would work better because now we’ve got both pets AND love going on at once which helps diversify our anchor text diversity even further (although admittedly not very much).

This process may sound complicated but really all it takes is some thoughtfulness while creating links within articles or blog posts so that each link has different wording depending on where it goes. This keeps things interesting while also giving us new ways into topics without having too many repeated words across multiple pages which could potentially cause Google penalties by looking spammy/bot-like behavior.

Diversity of backlinks increases likelihood that search engines will recognize your site’s relevance

Backlinks are the search engine’s way of knowing that you are an authority on a subject. They’re also a ranking factor and a way for sites to show off their relevance to a topic.

As long as you have backlinks from websites that aren’t too similar, they’ll be able to tell that you’re an expert in your field and rank your site highly.

The most common type of backlinks is “do-follow” links. These are the links that search engines look at and use as a factor for ranking. They tell search engines that you’re an expert in a field and help to boost your overall rankings.


The best way to think about backlink diversity is as a strategic marketing technique. The more diverse your backlinks are, the more credibility you’ll have with search engines. The key idea here is that links from reputable websites in your industry — such as research institutions or news organizations — will count toward backlink diversity. Beyond that, links from social media posts and other website pages will also help you achieve a wide range of backlinks. Contact your local SEO company in Crystal Minnesota today to get help with SEO services for your business. We can help with backlinking and help your business gain the traction it needs. Portkey SEO Solutions can provide SEO services for Crystal MN so reach out to us today!

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SEO services in Crystal MN

SEO services in Crystal MN

SEO services in Crystal MN

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