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Web Designer in Eden Prairie MN

SERP is the acronym for the Search Engine Results Page. These are the pages that you see when you search for something on the search engines, for example, the page you see when you search on google, “How to tie a tie.” SERPs will show the most relevant information to you. You might already know that Google is the most popular search engine, so we’ll use Google in our examples. Web Designer in Eden Prairie MN

Ranking on top of these SERPs is the most crucial goal of Marketing specialists. To rank on top of SERPs, marketing specialists use various SEO methods. The Google algorithm keeps changing with time, and with time it gets even harder to get the top spot on SERPs. This is because there is a lot of competition, and Google is becoming more and more clever. Why is the top spot on SERPs so desired by everyone? The ranking content on SERPs gets the most clicks and, therefore, a higher chance of grabbing the attention of potential consumers.

How Do SERPs Work?

The ever-changing Google algorithm determines SERPs. The results on SERPs come up after a process that consists of three stages. These are:

Crawling: The Google bots look for new or updated pages that need to be indexed.

  1. Indexing: This is the examination of the URL, content, images, and other media files of the page and recording of this information in the enormous database.
  2. Serving: The pages with the most relevant content are selected and shown at the top of SERPs for the user. 


To rank on SERPs, a web page needs to have a strong SEO enforced in its content to be ahead of the competition for ranking. This means that you need to follow the SEO rules and methods and answer users’ queries to attain the top spot on SERPs. 

How to rank on SERPs? Paid vs. Organic Results

Paid vs. organic is simply SEO vs. SEM. What’s the difference between them? We have a whole other blog post dedicated to this, so read that to get the answers to your queries. However, we will discuss a little bit of the paid vs. organic results below. 

Paid Results

To get the top spot on the ads space of SERPs, website owners bid amongst themselves. Whichever website owner has the highest bid wins the spot. This paid result is shown at the top of SERPs, even before the organic results.    

Organic Results

Under the paid results are the organic results, as mentioned above. However, if there are no paid results for a search, the organic results are at the top. Just like website owners compete against each other for the top spot for paid results, they compete for the top spot for organic results. However, the difference between the two is in their names; one is paid while the other is organic.


Unlike paid results, website owners use strong SEO practices to attain the top spot for organic results. They do not pay to get on top in the organic results; they just put effort and strong SEO practices. However, it should be noted that ranking through organic ways can take a very long time, months and sometimes years. But, the organic results are very long-lasting compared to paid. Once Google has selected your result as relevant and high quality, it will appear in the top spots for a long time.


SEO marketing is essential to get excellent and long-lasting results. It might require some more effort, but the results are worth it! If you find it challenging to implement SEO practices, consult an SEO agency or digital marketing agency like Portkey SEO Solutions in Eden Prairie, MN. Our SEO experts will help you rank your content on top of the SERPs! 

Web Designer in Eden Prairie MN

Web Designer in Eden Prairie MN

Web Designer in Eden Prairie MN

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