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Empathetic marketing is an excellent way to make meaningful connections with consumers and help customers receive the care and solutions they’re looking for. Part 1 of this blog series talked about the importance of understanding the need, adapting to the need, and capturing moments that consumers find meaningful. Here are 3 more ways to pursue […]

Empathy in marketing is critical in building trust with consumers. This year, consumers are looking for more connection, trust, and understanding from businesses that show they understand the wants and needs of consumers. It makes sense. Check out What Is Empathetic Marketing? for more information on empathetic marketing and why it’s important. As small businesses, […]

In a short span of time, the world has completely changed. 2020 was a year that challenged us all, and our sense of normalcy is still adjusting to what we’re experiencing today. Portkey SEO Solutions knows that successful businesses today are sensitive and understanding to consumers, and this is where empathetic marketing comes in. Here […]

In this blog series, we dove into some of the most important aspects of social media analytics, such as your profile’s metrics, your target audience, and your competition. These are all important in ensuring you have a well-rounded social media marketing strategy. In this fourth and final Social Media Analytics blog post, discover how your […]

Social media analytics is a great way to collect data about your consumers to make informed marketing decisions. It can be easy to get lost within the analytics because there are so many aspects of business to potentially analyze, but your local digital marketing agency in Savage MN has helpful tips to get the most […]

Social media is an excellent way to network, reach your target audience, and use metrics for brand monitoring. In Part 1 of the Social Media Analytics blog series, we went over how it’s important to monitor your profiles and to consider key metrics pertaining to your followers, your consumer engagement, and your reach. Here, we’ll […]

It can be challenging to navigate through social media analytics, but digital marketing agencies can make it easier to understand the particulars. We broke down the basics in a four-part blog series to help you understand what data is most relevant to your small business: your profiles, your target audience, your competitors, and your web […]

Have you been wanting to start a business but aren’t sure of all the particulars that will help make your start-up successful? Or maybe you’re looking to revamp or rebrand your company after realizing your business has so much to offer, yet aren’t getting the recognition your company deserves. Start-ups and revamps are big, exciting […]

SEO implementation is very important for small businesses to be found quickly on search engine results pages. It helps consumers discover local small businesses that will suit their needs and inquiries. Ensure your local business is found on the first page of Google by hiring a digital marketing agency that specializes in local SEO. Continued […]

If you’re interested in boosting your business’s online rankings, search engine optimization strategies are a great way to help your business rank on the first page of search engines. SEO companies are knowledgeable and experienced in helping businesses rank on the first page of Google. This helps businesses get found by more consumers searching for […]