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Whenever you want to increase traffic on your website, there are a variety of things you should consider. However, if your site still isn’t optimized for mobile devices, your web design could be a contributor to the problem. Since over 40% of internet users browse the web from a mobile device, the best websites are […]

Do you own a local business in Edina MN? If you want to increase your website’s traffic, search engine optimization (SEO) could be your missing piece. Since SEO is a vital component to the success of any local business, here are 4 advantages of SEO for local businesses: Edina MN SEO Company Edina MN SEO […]

In the past decade, social media has changed the way businesses market their products and services to potential buyers. If you own a small business, social networking services (SNS) can increase your brand’s visibility and overall online presence. However, even if you’re already on social media, you may be looking to reach higher goals like […]

When you type something into a search engine like Google, chances are you’ll see a couple of advertisements, generally from larger, well-known businesses. However, paying to advertise for your business in search engines isn’t the only way to have your website noticed. Here are three differences between paid search and organic search that will help […]

Do you have a website that has been declining in site traffic and sales? Have you been wondering why your blog posts receive less engagement than they did before? However long your website’s been open, it’s important to reconsider your internet marketing strategies over time. If you’re not receiving the results you want, your website […]

Is your website’s bounce rate high? Do users keep clicking on your website, but then proceed to “bounce” from your website shortly afterwards? Websites that have a high bounce rate generally have fewer online conversions and also typically don’t rank as well as websites that have a low bounce rate. If the majority of users […]

Have you been wondering lately why it seems like no one is visiting your website? Have you had your website for a while, but it hasn’t been bringing in the kinds of traffic and conversions you’re looking for? There are many reasons why users may not be visiting your website or why they may be […]

Have you recently built a website for your business, but aren’t sure how to get your website to start ranking high on search engine results pages (SERPs) and generate conversions online? Too often companies make the mistake of thinking that their websites will just start ranking immediately online on their own, especially if they’ve recently […]

Has your company been looking for ways to boost your website’s ranking on major search engines like Google and Yahoo, but you aren’t exactly sure how? There are many different kinds of SEO strategies that a company can employ in order to try and rank on the first page of Google, but as the saying […]

Are you a local company in Minnesota looking for ways to boost your business’s online visibility? Online marketing is one of the primary ways for businesses to get noticed nowadays, and if your website doesn’t have much of an online presence, then it will be difficult for potential customers or clients to find out about […]